With the summer in full swing and the kids home from school, it’s a perfect time to hop in the car for a road trip. While the family might enjoy taking in the sights and tastes along the way, it’s a great opportunity to find some inspiration for your next renovation project. Before you groan at the prospect of a few hours on the road, remember that taking time off can be a huge productivity booster. That’s why we’ve mapped out an adventure that combines work and play – a road trip along the Pacific Coast.

Known as one of the most scenic drives in the world, the 1000km drive from California’s northern border near Oregon to San Diego, could be completed in 10 hours if you drive non-stop but here are a few things you might want to stop and explore along the way:




While traveling through the coastal cities of California, keep an eye out for Spanish Revival architecture. Look for features such as curves and arches, white stucco exterior and walls, Terracotta roof tiles, tower-like chimneys, balconies, ornamental iron work, courtyards and patios.






As you go through the changing landscapes, pay attention to how exterior color is used to cater to different age groups and other demographics. You might notice for instance that areas populated by millennials tend to have more vibrant colors. In contrast, less saturated, natural hues dominate areas densely populated by baby boomers.





You may find some inspiration in the energy saving approaches used in both residential and commercial projects such as the Platinum LEED certified Hilmar Cheese Company HQ & Innovation Center in Hilmar and the Rio Vista Apartments in Los Angeles.




The magnificence of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, is sure to inspire a creative interior renovation with more than 250,000 acres to explore. Take note of the European styles of architecture and artwork. Kids will enjoy seeing the dining hall that inspired the set design of the Hogwarts dining hall in Harry Potter and the zebras that often roam the property.





Once you reach San Diego, don’t forget to explore the architecture of the historical buildings. Some great places to check out include the Ford Building in Balboa Park where you’ll find the San Diego Air & Space Museum. If you happen to stop in the Gas Lamp Quarter, be sure to visit the Horton Grand Hotel; its fascinating story dates back to 1886. Wrap up your adventure in San Diego with a stop at the Cabrillo National Monument and the lighthouses at Point Loma.





Of course, these are just a few of the stops you could make on your road trip, however, California has plenty to offer thanks to its diverse heritage. Keep a notebook and snap some photos whenever you can. After your trip and you’ve gathered your thoughts, contact the team at StoneCo Building Group and let us make your renovation vision a reality.