The Miracle League of San Diego is an amazing organization that provides intellectually and physically challenged children with an opportunity to play baseball. But they get to do so in an organized environment and play as part of an actual league. This is great for the children and family members alike, and more importantly than anything else, it’s an excellent way for the kids to get active, stay healthy and have a fun and exciting time playing baseball throughout the day.

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Miracle League of San Diego. And that’s okay. We will tell you all about them, and then tell you how our friends at StoneCo Building Group have created a symbiotic relationship with this organization and have become some of their proudest sponsors.

With that said, let’s dive into the details…

What is the Miracle League of San Diego?

As mentioned, this organization is all about helping children. The children often want to get involved in organized sports, but for the obvious reasons, they cannot get involved as members of certain leagues. That’s where the Miracle League of San Diego really shines through.

This league is specifically dedicated to the children. It provides the unique opportunity for these great kids to have a league of their own. The practices and games for this league take place at two different locations within San Diego County.

First up, we have Engel Family Field. This field is known as a Little Padres Park, and it’s located in San Dieguito Park, in Del Mar. Next up, we have Green Field. This field is located in Coronado at the Coronado High School.

If you have a intellectually and physically challenged child that would love to play baseball with a group of his or her peers, and you live near or can easily get to either of these locations, then you should seriously look into having your child join the Miracle League of San Diego.

Miracle League of San Diego

StoneCo Building Group & Miracle League of San Diego

StoneCo Building Group is one of the awesome companies that sponsors the Miracle League of San Diego. There are numerous ways to sponsor this organization, but StoneCo sponsors on a team level.

What does that mean?

They have committed to providing funds each year for team expenses, uniforms, trophies and this money even helps to provide insurance for the players. This money goes a long way, and without it we wouldn’t be able to have a league. So it’s important to recognize great companies like StoneCo Building Group for all of their wonderful help and support.

The games are fun and exciting to watch, and they are really great for the kids. Each game only lasts for two innings and takes about an hour to play. Each player will get an at-bat and every player has the opportunity to score. This guarantees that each game will have a tie score at the end. There are no winners or losers in the Miracle League of San Diego.

Learn more about Miracle League of San Diego HERE.

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“Thanks StoneCo Building Group for all of your wonderful support!”