“It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Pre-Construction services include:

Conceptual Estimating
Conceptual estimating represents the initial attempt at defining a project’s overall scope and cost. To be of value, a clear understanding of the project must be defined. StoneCo works closely with the owner and design team to understand the project drivers and the vision of the project. From this understanding, we are able to create a clear model that will identify all aspects of a project to ensure adequacy of project funding. Lack of a precise conceptual estimate only results in costly project funding deficiencies, which threaten the viability of the project.
Cost Estimating
During the design phase, we help the design team evaluate alternative design scenarios in terms of cost and congruency with owner’s project intent. Utilizing the comprehensive estimates we create at each phase of design (conceptual, schematic design, design development, and contract documents (CD), we are able to manage the design direction, ensuring that the owner’s program is executed in a cost effective manner. We carefully review the design documents at each point, ensuring that adequate detail in included, which prevents costly redesigns.
A project team is assigned very early in the design phase of each StoneCo project. The assigned project manager works closely with the owner and design team to gain a clear understanding of project vision and goals. The StoneCo project manager leads his/her team in the execution of the project vision by creating an open environment of trust and partnership between the construction team and owners. Frequent communication and reporting as the project progresses are keys to the project’s complete implementation and success.
Design Management
Advantages for the owner in a design-build methodology include: single point of responsibility, improved project quality, earlier development of guaranteed costs, cost savings, time savings and improved risk management. Change orders and omissions are virtually eliminated in a design build scenario, as the design-build team has both the responsibility for developing drawings and specification, as well as seeing the project through  to completion. The design-build creates a unique partnering opportunity between owner, design team and builder.
During pre-construction phase, each StoneCo project is thoroughly reviewed for constructability (buildability). This process involves evaluating every aspect of the project in order to identify obstacles, to reduce or prevent errors, delays and cost overruns. Experience has proven that the more complete and accurate the design drawings are prior to beginning construction, the more efficient and economical the build will be.
Project Scheduling
Accurate project scheduling is critical to the success of every project. During the design phase the schedule helps us monitor progress of design and jurisdictional approvals. It facilitates materials procurement, and finally leads us to construction start date. During the construction phase the schedule serves as a tool for overcoming threats to the finish date, leveling resources to counter labor and/or material shortages.
Product Selection
StoneCo knows that developing and implementing product selection and procurement strategies prior to construction sets the projects up for success. Careful product selection and procurement can save the owners tens of thousands of dollars and weeks or even months of construction time. We start with a clear understanding of the owners’ expectations, requirements and limitations.
Our pre-construction management services ultimately transition each project into a smooth construction phase. We have complete construction drawings fully evaluated for constructability, all jurisdictional permits and contracts are complete, and a clear procurement strategy already in play. The final budgets for the project support the owner’s vision and expectations for the project.

“StoneCo Building Group’s knowledge of public works contracting and of the various trades involved plus their willingness to aggressively address problems helped us to quickly resolve issues as they arose. StoneCo’s time spent on the front and getting a clear understanding of the Scope of Work and our contract procedures meant that we could clear up a lot of problems before work commenced. In addition, StoneCo maintained a good relationship with the City while advocating for their firm and the subcontractors when appropriate. StoneCo was a good company to work with on a rather diverse project.”

City of National City, CA