Psychologists and medical professionals, as well as architects and human resource authorities, affirm that light and nature can improve employee satisfaction and performance. Even something as seemingly unimportant as a green vista outside an office window can boost productivity; students and factory workers alike benefit from natural lighting, and potted plants not only affect air quality, but seem to stimulate the brain and calm the psyche.

So, if you are interested in adding tenant improvements that have a measurable effect in terms of business advantages, don’t neglect the benefits of windows that open, interior and exterior green spaces, access to the outdoors, and natural materials. While building in efficient and energy-saving options is important to the bottom line, assuring a comfortable and pleasant environment also makes sense in terms of dollars and cents.

Luckily, in many cases today, there is no trade-off necessary. While you would not hesitate to install green options in cabinetry or carpet to reduce or eliminate outgassing, you might not realize the benefits of individual temperature controls, sound mitigation or ambient lighting in addition to functional, daylight-toned fluorescent lighting. Modern offices are not “sweatshops,” and they should reflect the culture of the firm. That means tailoring choices to individual needs.

Your materials do not have to be expensive, but they should be natural if your goal is to contribute value to a building and maximizing the space and function of the interior.

In the same way, you can contribute to employee satisfaction and attract customers by providing a pleasant environment, both indoors and out. Trees and lush landscaping adjacent to parking lots, benches near a building’s public entrance, live plants in pots or built-in planters in the lobby, and employee cafeterias or break rooms that feature exterior access, attractive vistas, and natural decor are examples of cost-effective improvements. Interestingly, even photographs of natural scenes or nature-themed artwork can have a calming effect.

If your building does not currently have low-E window glass, reflective coatings and adjustable window coverings, even on large expanses of glass, you might be well-advised to consider adding them. Glare is not appealing, and aesthetic appeal can have a great effect on occupancy.

In the same way that medical and dental offices often have fish tanks to calm patient fears, you can establish an upscale and comfortable vibe with your choice of interior materials that speak to human experience. Whether your style is high-tech or rustic, you can employ natural stone, metallic finishes, “green” as a color in addition to its meaning for sustainability and energy awareness, and a real concern for the health and emotional well-being of employees and customers.

The quality of light and air, growing things and color are three of the best ways to improve the work space. And they are three of the simplest!

StoneCo Building Group specializes in Tenant Improvements and can help you to take advantage of the best the natural features of your building and leverage them to make your property more desirable to tenants. If you’d like to know how a few strategic improvements could increase your occupancy rate, contact our team.