An office is rarely ready to be used the way it is. It usually requires certain improvements to better represent the unique culture of the occupying firm. The changes required to make it a perfect workplace range from simple to complex, but they are necessary to ensure that the workspace is productive and enjoyable for tenants and their employees. This article discusses some of the most common office improvements.

Design Changes for Branding

An office is the face of an organization and it is crucial for it to look that way. Therefore, companies ensure that their office is in line with their brand. From the reception desk to the employee’s cubicles, the office has to be a physical representation of all that the company stands for.

To achieve this, tenants usually make changes in the décor, color scheme and furniture. The lighting is adjusted accordingly and signage usually needs to be erected. For a company which values transparency, an open office is preferable, whereas for a modern organization, quiet spaces with comfort furniture are in high demand.

To create the right feel, a tenant could require some major changes in the office, including but not limited to erection or removal of walls and doors, installation of electrical outlets and wiring, plumbing and changes to the floor plan.

Space for Innovation and Collaboration

It should come as no surprise that a considerable amount of resources are spent by companies in carving out intentional spaces for innovation and collaboration. Businesses today thrive on disruptive ideas. There is no better way to encourage innovation than to plan for it.

Collaboration has become an important constituent of innovation at all organizational levels. As a result, office improvements which reserve space (from the existing cubicles) have become common providing employee’s areas to sit together and brainstorm new ideas. Such changes usually include small private groups, a large room for office activities and a place to relax complete with games and refreshments. This would require adding electrical features, new walls and possibly some minor plumbing adjustments.

Design Changes to Make an Office Comfortable

For your tenants and every other business owner in the world, the recipe for success is to keep their employees happy. A comfortable office is the quickest way to do that. Tenants usually spend on installation of more comfortable furniture and convenient work stations. Facilities like wellness rooms and nap rooms have also become common. This may involve knocking down some walls while adding others and changing the interior floor plan of the space. Office comfort can further be improved by optimizing the natural light received, allowing for temperature control and adding living walls.

Installation of Communication Systems

In order to enable the employees to work together, it is important to have a seamlessly integrated communication system. Without this communication system, employees will spend needless hours managing communication instead of utilizing it productively. These types of office improvements involve may involve the addition of state of the art conference rooms equipped with video-conferencing facilities, modern communications system such as integrated email and telephone systems. These changes usually require rewiring cables for installation of internet, interconnected company phones with dial-in and conference facilities built-in.

An additional piece of advice, don’t shy away from these improvements but don’t rush into them either. It is important to think through your decision and improve your space based on the tenant you want. For help in planning your tenant improvement strategy, contact the team at StoneCo Building Group. We’re here to help!