“The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.” - Motto of the Army Corps of Engineers (WW2)

Construction Management services include:

Project Accounting
We approach every project as a collaborative partnership with the owners and architect. This collaboration is especially important in the bidding and subcontractor selection process. We competitively bid each bid package, establishing fair market condition. We include the owner and architect in bid opening and subcontractor selection. Every scope change is reviewed carefully by StoneCo PM for legitimacy and feasibility, prior to recommendation to owner. Monthly cost reports are provided for each project.
Construction Services
StoneCo employs a carefully planned approach in our construction projects. We work with the owner, design team, subcontractors, and suppliers emphasizing collaboration, working together, and open communication. Experience shows us that work done with this sense of collaboration produces outstanding results and long lasting relationships. We build with exceptional attention to detail, holding ourselves to a level of integrity and quality far exceeding the typical construction standard.
Subcontractor and vendor schedules are included in the CPM master schedule. StoneCo coordinates equipment and material packages, working with suppliers to expedite procurement on long lead items. All shop drawings are carefully reviewed that which eliminates errors and improves field efficiencies. StoneCo manages all equipment and material deliveries, unloading and storing in secure location. We maintain careful receiving documentation, and provide inventory control on all projects.
Job Cost Analysis
StoneCo develops an estimate with detailed cost breakdown. We work with our qualified subcontractors to understand the true scope of the work involved in each trade. We solicit multiple bids to establish fair market condition. After the careful evaluation of the bids we are able to provide a final cost estimate for the project. This cost estimate allows us to compile actual costs and compare them to budgeted costs while the project is under way, not after it has been completed. Real time costing allows us to react, avoiding cost over-runs.
Field Supervision
We recognize that every person working on our projects is both a representative of StoneCo and of the owner. In addition to experience and skillset in successfully running a project to completion, our field supervisors must possess excellent communication skills, integrity, respect for others, and attention to detail. We expect every StoneCo supervisor to treat their subcontractors fairly and with respect. We also expect them to interface with the owner, architect or any other person associated with the job in a manner which will protect the reputation of StoneCo and the owner.
Permit Procurement
Navigating governmental agencies to secure necessary documentation and permits requires thorough planning and attention to detail. StoneCo uses a proactive approach to permit management and inspection scheduling process. We research carefully code changes or specific jurisdictional requirements which may affect our projects. This preparation helps us avoid project time delays. We build positive relationships with jurisdictional personnel, engaging them as partners and immediately call upon their expertise when required.
Risk Management
Battles are often lost for lack of planning and lack of risk management. StoneCo has a legendary reputation for its attention for detail and planning at every point in our projects. This is especially true in our approach to Risk Management. For each project, we completely identify our exposure to loss and the applicable coverage available. We then select the very best alternatives in order to properly structure a comprehensive risk management and insurance program. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide cost effectively protection for StoneCo and its clients.
Project Management
StoneCo Project Managers coordinate with governmental agencies to secure necessary documentation related to permits, inspections and certificates of occupancy. PM direct all project site construction forces and coordinate all subcontractor activities. The PM holds weekly progress meetings with stakeholders reviewing progress to the master schedule and mitigating any issues that might put the project timeline or budget at risk. As part of StoneCo Project Management services, progress reports and photos are reviewed and archived.
Quality Control
Each bid package sent to all subcontractors and vendors includes specific quality guidelines and expectations. All subcontractors and vendors are qualified before they are allowed to competitively bid. Subcontrator workmanship is evaluated and appropriate testing is performed, as required.
Job-Site Safety
Safety is our first objective. Every StoneCo project is managed to comply with federal, state and local safety regulations. Project safety and security plans are established, and safety inspections are performed on a weekly basis. All subcontractors are trained and monitored to uphold safety standards.
Punch List
Collaboration among all parties responsible for monitoring quality throughout each stage of construction is the key to a quality end product. StoneCo implements a punch as you go philosophy for its projects. A final puchwalk is performed with the owner or agent prior to turnover. Any deficiencies are remedied.
During the preconstruction phase of each job, the StoneCo project team assigned to the project establishes a CPM schedule. Before transitioning into the construction phase, the schedule is reviewed by the team again, in order to establish the master job schedule. This schedule is updated as necessary.

“In all the projects that have been completed by working with StoneCo, they have displayed excellent knowledge of trades, willingness to work, and most importantly starting projects as scheduled and completing the projects on time.”

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