A new year is the perfect time to consider the trends in the construction industry and how you can integrate some of these into your next building project.

At StoneCo Building Group, we pride ourselves on being up to date on the latest trends and technology in the construction space so that our clients are fully aware of their options and our expertise.

The impact of mobile technology in construction will continue in 2016, enhancing the efficiency of the construction industry. Contractors comfortable with software estimate that they save up to ninety minutes a day completing reports, completing industry-compliant forms and communication. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets make it easy to report on progress and even integrate up to date images.  Not only is this a time-saving trend, it also reduces the amount of paperwork and increases the speed of communication and feedback. StoneCo uses technology on all projects. Our superintendents use mobile devices and laptops while on the job site for communication and completing reports and forms.

There is an increasing concern for the environment as we seek to combat Global Warming and we’re seeing this trickle down to the construction industry as there is an increasing demand for “green” construction. In 2016, we can expect to see more clients urging builders and contractors to use recycled materials and proven sustainable practices in the build. Interest is growing in sustainability factors such as zero-energy homes, energy conservation construction such as high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and other efficient lighting equipment, and low-flow plumbing fixtures and water conservation integration. StoneCo practices green construction on every project. Recycling materials on the job and the use of more efficient lighting and mechanical systems are the most common on our current jobs.

Even though serious injury has always been a risk in Construction, several fatal accidents in the construction industry in 2015 will trigger a renewed emphasis on safety training for workers at all levels. In the new year, firms will do what they can to avoid penalties such as fines and jail time by more carefully adhering to OSHA regulations. This trend is something that has always been a core part of our company’s DNA. Safety is our first objective. Every StoneCo project is managed to comply with federal, state and local safety regulations. Project safety and security plans are established, and safety inspections are performed on a weekly basis. We feel it is our job to make sure everyone gets home safely. Remembering safety never hurts!

What do you think is the most important construction trend of 2016?